Free Technical Support

Item, Inc. offers a number of free services to its (Parts and Supplies) customers.

Free level 1 tech support to include:

  • Free Parts identification: Not sure which part you need?  We provide free parts identification. We can help you identify the part and provide a part number for easy ordering. Our technicians have access to an extensive library of service and parts manuals for most models and brands of Copiers, printers and scanners.

  • Free schematics and diagrams of parts

  • Free installation instructions of parts ordered

  • Free repair proceedures.

  • Free diagnostic information: Have an error code, but do not know what it means, we can help you.

Free level 2 tech support: You’re a service company, but are stymied by a problem, Item, Inc. technicians have extensive experience and are a good resource to help you figure out the most stubborn problems.

*Please keep in mind that all of our support is free, so we cannot offer a money back guarantee or a guarantee 100% accuracy. You are required to confirm any part number that you order or suggested parts needed to repair your own printer/copier.