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OKI has transitioned to having Item, Inc. be the only authorized distributor of its parts and supplies in both North America and South America

OKI brand multifunction color LED printer with MPT printing capability and QWERTY keyboard


Get superior printing results with OKI printer supplies - the trusted choice of businesses and individuals worldwide. From toner cartridges to imaging drums, OKI offers a comprehensive range of supplies to keep your printer running smoothly.

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OEM OKI B441 black drum

The OEM OKI B411 Black Drum has an estimated yield of 30,000 pages. This drum is used in OKI models B411d, B411dn, B412dn, B431d, B431DN, B432dn, and B512dn.

OEM OKI MC361 Toner CartridgeOEM OKI MC361 Black Toner CartridgeShop
OEM OKI B412 Black High-Capacity Toner CartridgeOEM OKI B412 Black High-Capacity Toner CartridgeShop
OEM OKI C332 Black High Capacity Toner CartridgeOEM OKI C332 Black High-Capacity Toner CartridgeShop
OEM OKI B512 Black Extra-High-Capacity Toner CartridgeOEM OKI B512 OKI Black Extra-High-Capacity Toner CartridgeShop